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Personality traits of the Yorkshire terrier

It is more than easy to have a pet today, all what you need is already prepared and available to buy, doctors take better care of them than ever before and the surrounding is safer. But it is not the same to be a pet owner today, it is actually nicer and more things are available through the stuff that you can buy. First of all there are toys, incredible amounts of them, ready for every dog, cat or even other animals. Since the medical care given is on a higher standard, it is also possible that your pet will live a few years longer than it would in the 80s.

A dog for every taste

Breeds are sharpened up and developed to a point where you have hundreds of them with distinct characteristics and possibilities. One of these breeds, when speaking of dogs, are the Yorkshire terriers. These small dogs adapt quite well to any kind of situation that you might have. They will never mind living in an apartment and spending most of the week inside, as well as being with novice owners, who never had a pet before. But their size is what makes them so special, they are one of the smallest breeds, but have the highest energy level out of all of them. Their playfulness cannot be compared with any other breed, since these are on their feet the whole day long.

It is almost perfect that they have mediocre intelligence, so they won't make any mess, as well as being easily trained. A Yorkshire terrier is quite affectionate with his owners, but it can feel endangered while meeting strangers. That is why the park might not be the right place for you, since there are many people and dogs just waiting to meet someone new. Yorkshire terriers are very sensitive, the barely tolerate cold or warm weather and hate being alone, which is so adorable.