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Vítejte v chovatelské stanici - Yorkshire terrierů
Ptolemaios  &  od  Svrčovského  hrádku


Small dogs breeds that we love – Yorkshire terriers

Yorkshire terriers are incredibly charming given their small size and their sweet appearance. It could be the ideal companion for you, and intuitive escorts can help you to familiarize with the main features of this breed. Discover what makes this canine race so special and how this little buddy can bring joy and fun to your life.

What you need to know about these sweet mall dogs

Yorkshire terriers have a very friendly temperament and gladly admit all kinds of people. A puppy of this breed is a trusting soul who shares his loving way with any kind of person. Your sensitive Prague escort will show how easily this small furry friend can melt your heart.

Theses canines like people above all, especially the ladies from the Escort Directory. They get along well with most dogs, since they are not selfish. However, it is advisable to monitor their relationship with bigger hounds which may not be aware of their own strength.

As acquainted escorts will explain you, this breed also known as Yorkie, was developed in the mid 1800s in English counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. The lineage of this race is unknown but it seems to include some types of Maltese and several kinds of terriers like Dandie Dimont and Skye.

This little buddy can be easily educated and is characterized for having very beautiful physical attributes. Its most outstanding feature is its silky smooth coat. Its color is dark grey blue with sports of fire on its head and chest.

It is worth to mention that this breed is popular for being hypoallergenic. As your smart Prague escort will tell you, Yorkshire terriers are included on the list of breeds recommended for people with allergies. Since they tend to shed small amounts of hair, they retain certain properties on their dermis which prevent the emergence of sensitive reactions.

Taking care of your little buddy

A Yorkshire terrier is generally healthy and energetic. It is an excellent companion. This little furry friend can live up to 15 years. However, as your intelligent Prague escort will recommend you, it must be diligently cared. Due to its small size, it can be affected by some health issues, including heap and joint problems, poor digestion and bone fractures.

Bear in mind that these little buddies are quite fragile. Therefore, you must be careful when transporting them. Be sure to provide them solid and nutritive foods regularly.

You should take your little buddy for a walk three times a day for about 45 minutes, since, as skilled escorts will let you know, it needs some outdoors exercise. Keep them on a leash during the strolls since they tend to struggle with bigger dogs.

It is advisable for you to comb and brush the hair of your little friend regularly. You should do it at least twice a week, as it is susceptible to entanglement and to accumulate dirt. Try to avoid the presence of knots since it will be much more difficult to eliminate them.

Clever escorts can recommend you a special dog brush which will help you to take care of the appearance of your furry friend. If you do not like a long coat, these beautiful ladies can recommend you short hairstyles for your buddy.